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Intercultural competence is essential for working with and leading diverse teams. Cultural Bridges - Emily Verhee offers tailor-made training courses to improve the commitment, collaboration and performance of your employees in a global and diverse world.

Intercultural Competence

UNESCO defines intercultural competence as the ability to adopt the right role, effectively and appropriately, in interactions with people of different languages and cultures.

This competence brings together a set of essential skills such as adaptability, self-awareness, curiosity, empathy, open-mindness,…

The point of intercultural competence is to take advantage of our similarities and differences in order to benefit from mutual enrichment.

This competence allows us to better manage risks in a diverse environment, and thus contributes to securing, sustaining and developing relationships and businesses.

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My services

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Transmit the essential tools to build communication bridges so that our cultural differences make our projects and our relationships grow.

" We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are ."

- Anais Nin

„One understands the word well only if one understands the speaker well.“

-Louis Joseph Mabire

“Our collective wealth is made up of our diversity. “The other”, individual or society, is precious to us insofar as he is unlike us.“

-Albert Jacquard

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Are any of these situations familiar to you?

You want to feel more confident in a multicultural context

You want to better understand your international contacts and avoid misunderstandings and conflicts

You want to attract talents and take care of them once in the organisation

You or your employees are going on an international assignment and you want to increase your chances of success

You want to improve the cohesion and performance of your multicultural teams

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